Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee causing record flooding in Lancaster County.

When the news station out of Harrisburg compares today’s flooding to “Agnes“, which was a 1972 tropical storm, you know that the county hasn’t seen this kind of flooding for some time.

We are relative newcomers to Lancaster, Pennsylvania; but my family goes back a long way in New Jersey (120 years, which is long for that state). When I lived in Bridgewater, we knew the history of the Raritan River, and, of course, the number of times that it had flooded along the years.

What a surprise it was to see the Cocalico Creek, and all the various feeder creeks, rise up higher than anyone around the county remembers. Agnes had hit both New Jersey and Pennsylvania in its tropical storm form, meaning, a lot of rain, if not a lot of wind. Well, Lee certainly packed a punch (maybe 10-14 inches in this part of Lancaster in a 24-hour period). I think what made it worse was that all the rain from Hurricane Irene, which passed through here last week, is still saturating the ground.

There is no place for the water to go.

It is particularly sad to see neighbors down the way who were flooded out–not expecting to be. You have to wonder if their homeowners’ covers flood insurance, or if they are out-of-pocket for the water damage.

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