Temple University’s Ann Weaver Hart to step down in June 2012.

So says Temple News and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

While Weaver Hart cites personal reasons for leaving the presidency of Temple, it certainly can’t be as enticing a job to have to deal with the large budget problems on the horizon. As regular readers know, I still haven’t received the information I had asked about, about Temple Japan. Harrisburg, our state capital, cut Temple’s gift money from Pennsylvania by $30 million, and the next four years of the Corbett Administration do not appear to have any hope on the horizon that Temple won’t avoid its overdue shakeup.

I never met Weaver Hart, and am certain that she is a nice person, but she certainly was stuck in a situation at Temple. Good for her getting out.

[Update: Especially with this proposal, shorthanded as “money follows the student”. Some people in Harrisburg would like to see the annual appropriations delivered to Temple, Penn State, Pitt and the other Commonwealth-related school [ah, I remember, Lincoln U.] divided up among all the students attending in-state schools. If you want to use your share of the money to attend a good private school like Elizabethtown or Villanova, you would be able to do that. It is an intriguing idea, especially when Temple Japan has to offer cut-rate prices to fill seats.]

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