A second interview.

Regular readers know the story. I was in Japan for 5 1/2 years. Mostly I worked as an accountant, but when the Lehman Brothers/financial crisis hit, I found myself teaching English exclusively, which, when it was in a structured setting, was actually rather nice. Making a living at English teaching in Japan, though, as you know, can be rather difficult. My visa expired and I had to return to the United States. I arrived back on December 20 (21 in Japan).

Aside from uprooting myself and cutting contact with all my friends and acquaintances, the bigger difficulty, actually, was that I didn’t know anyone in Pennsylvania. We are in the recovery phase of this so-called Great Recession, but in job terms, the recession never really ended. I put out resumes, I make networking contacts where I can, but the progress is really so rare that I count things like an e-mail from a live person (as opposed to an automated response) to be quite a thing.

Well, last week, I actually had a second interview. I have been down this road before since 2009. At least, I’m sure I have. (Maybe not–eh!)

I don’t know how “my candidacy” has gone so far, so I am just savoring the fact that there actually was a first interview, and then a second. It is a nice feeling, even though it might just turn out to be a sugar rush. It feels like old times.

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