Quantcast update: the trend is still up.

I haven’t posted an update for a few months, so here it is:

What I am showing you is the monthly figures from Quantcast, which, as a WordPress blogger, I have no choice but to share with the world.

As a 2003 blogger, though, you must know that it really doesn’t hurt my pride when I go into a downtrend. In those days, getting 10 hits was quite something! On some days, I did 50 or 100. You couldn’t post pictures, and you couldn’t link to video. It was just text. I was later than the people who knew their HTML code down cold, but several months before the general public. I did local political blogging, which caught me my share of grief from people in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, who pretty much liked public dialogue as a dead space that they controlled through the local newspaper, and whoever the handful of people were that showed up at public meetings.

On an off, I have gone on hiatus in the last eight years. Looking back, I really wish I had just continued right on. But I have lived in two other places since, and once you stop blogging about things you can be credible on–or putting forth some good opinion—you really fizzle out in the blog world.

Most bloggers just want to stay on one topic, but that doesn’t work for me. Especially, to try to do the same topic every day.

The overwhelming number of visits in the “Long Tail Blogosphere” are what Quantcast calls “passers-by”. That is 85% of who hits here. So I try to focus on the other 15%, and it’s a guess as to what the material needs to be. My Japan readership stayed with me (thank you hontou ne), and I picked up American readership, too. If the grand total is in the 500 range, that is quite a number, for regulars.

[more in a bit]


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