Good Shepherd Rosemont update, courtesy of David Virtue. Bishop bullying new Rosemont warden.

This is a “see, I told you so”, with news courtesy of David Virtue.

A warden of an Episcopal Church parish is a vestry member, and a director of a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation. He or she is a fiduciary, with duties back to someone or a group of people.

Judge Stanley Ott’s recent decision in the In re: Good Shepherd Rosemont case did not clarify where an Episcopal vestry member[‘]s duties were: back to the congregation, or to the bishop?

Now, the bishop’s lieutenant is sending instructions to the vestry member, even though they may be in conflict with the vestry member’s duty to his congregation under Pennsylvania laws.

See, I told you so.

The judge should have clarified this in his opinion. So the story goes on.

[Updates along the way.]