Former JETs Rene Jerez and/or Laura Cardwell say that I said IBM didn’t pay its U.S. taxes. This is not true–I never said that.

You know my saying about “fixing the internet”? You can’t.

However, when you see a piece of crap here or there, that impacts something important, you have to pick it up and do something with it.

A couple days ago, I mentioned about a goofy website–among the vast number of goofy websites out there–called “Billowy Kimono”, and run by former Japan exchange teachers Rene Jerez (Minami Alps city 2008-2010; Facebook page) and Laura Cardwell (Tagawa, Fukuoka 2008-2011; Twitter feed). They post under screen names “Senor Science” and “Krampus“. The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (also called “JET”) is that over-hyped exchange program that Japan has been running with America and other key countries for about 25 years now–in its current form. There is a lot of talk about reform or eliminating JET. But as you know, of course, talk is cheap.

One comment made a year ago, and I presume it’s by Rene Jerez, but it could be Laura Cardwell, too, has me as having allegedly said this. (I am referred to as “McGruff the Crime Dog”):

If I were to guess where these characters came up with that utter falsehood, I would suppose it was from a March 19, 2010 post discussing how the Japanese government said that IBM Japan did not correctly pay taxes–to Japan. That’s not my saying—that’s the J-Government saying. The follow-up post contained a diagram of the maneuver that the Japanese government was calling into question. Many times you have to draw these things out, to understand what the underlying transaction actually is. But in no instance was I saying that IBM didn’t pay its correct U.S. taxes. (How would I know?)

I don’t know why Rene Juan Jerez of Northern California has decided to use the internet to slander me like that. (It’s not the only instance, but I think it’s the most grave.) Some people have said that his behavior reflects poorly on their JET Program, and I tend to agree. Because Laura Cardwell is a contributor to the same blog, it may be her words (depending on how they share edit features). But something tells me this was a Rene Jerez solo production?

[Footnote: Please, no one post or e-mail and tell me that this kind of thing is “just” a fringe benefit of being given an internet connection by the local school board during school hours. Or that someone damn near 30, or a Vassar graduate of age 24, is too young to understand responsible behavior.]