Little in Japan: a comic strip that is the antidote for gaijin misery.

As the Reader’s Digest used to say: Laughter is the best medicine.

H/T to Shawn Thir of Let’s Japan.

What I like about the series, created by the writer at GaijinTonic, is that it’s a no-holds-barred look at routine things that happen in Japan’s Eikaiwa industry–similar to the offering last year by the creators of Be Yes! English Teachers series. It’s funny, but really only very funny if you have experienced these situations yourself.

The artist may have experienced these self-deprecating moments himself. They go on day-after-day in the unregulated English “teaching” profession. Check out the one where the middle-aged Eikaiwa teacher blows off a fellow Westerner, who moments later turns out to be his new boss. I had a similar encounter when I once did Eikaiwa in my early days in Japan, although I was much politer–giving the instructions to our place to a guy who was looking to take my job from me. The Western community in Japan changes faces a lot (and not just the two-faces). But it always remains a very small world . . .

Please keep the comics going. They are a riot!