Occupy Wall Street continues into third week. I like what they are bringing to the agenda. #OWS

It’s hard to avoid the news about Occupy Wall Street, and good to see that the small group up in Lower Manhattan is going strong.

The leftie advocacy group “Move On” has been distributing little clips about what bigger-name commentators, like Keith Olbermann and former Representative Alan Grayson have to say about what the protest movement means. But what I have concluded is that it means people are just disgusted. They are disgusted with the direction of America in the past 30 years, and so it’s not easily defined into an agenda.

As you know, I am waiting on a response from a big corporation, so the more the press talks about how the big corporations are really out of line, well, that’s music to my ears. Because I know it’s true.

We went from being a nation of laws into being something else since 1980–and particularly in the last 10 years. It’s almost like if one member of the other party gets in, then all the laws of Congress are voided, and only if the new members, and their corporate money-backers, agree, do the powers honor any law that hasn’t been disregarded. It is law-by-choice–not law as principle.

I grew up starting in the late days of the old era, when laws meant something, and lying was wrong. We all remember that Nixon had to quit. No one remembers the gist of the three Articles of Impeachment that Nixon was threatened with, but they do remember that he lied.

Now, allegedly very smart people are in control of the economy and the financial system, and not only do they lie, but they commit acts of gross incompetence—and they’re still there. They disregard the law, and they’re still there.

You know, for my own personal thing, [which regular readers know about,] the gall is how the big corporation ignored the extraterritoriality of Title VII–even after it was made clear by Congress in 1991. But this sort of the thing is going on, multiplied, all over America and places where America is. It became the new normal.

I hope Occupy Wall Street continues on and on all winter, into the 2012 election season. I have a feeling that the cold weather is going to set them down. But it’s a point about contemporary American society that I don’t think can be made in just three weeks.