JETs Rene Jerez and Laura Cardwell still trying to “land” back here in America.

An update on our two favorite Japan exchange teachers, known in the blogging and wise-ass commenting world as “Senor Science” and “Krampus“.

While on JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) Rene and Laura certainly did spend a share of time on the internet! And man, it shows in such productions as “Cultural Ambassadors of Style” (which, actually, I found pretty interesting.)

What’s got me wondering, though, is that the two years, and three years, respectively, on JET seems to have netted bumpkis and beans for the duo. If you follow Laura Cardwell’s Twitter Feed, she is still waiting for a response from Delta Airlines. Going from working for the JET to possibly working IN a jet. Rene looks to be one of these “self-employed” type people who don’t have a specific profession or trade to be self-employed at. (Self-employed cheap shot artist to strangers on the internet?) Him I worry about more, since he left Japan in August 2010. Laura has only been back for a few months. Welcome to America in the Great Recession, kiddies!

I normally don’t blog about individual persons, but I’ve learned that the game with the younger generation is that they say whatever they like–and then leave it posted up on the internet. And we’re all supposed to wonder how it got there in the first place. So I set aside my normal practice.

On a more serious note, though, check it out: it’s not too surprising that Jerez would be “consulting”—it beats dogwalking, which he lists for 2006-2007. But why’s Laura still out? Vassar graduate, can put a halfway decent paragraph together, knows the fashion scene. And young–not over 40. There is no “age issue”. The Logan’s Run life clock is still red. Why hasn’t she landed yet?

The JET Program must be full of young people who wile the day away on the internet. But why isn’t it easy to network in a group that seems designed, more than anything else, for networking? You would think that JET is a “right move”. So what gives?

[Update 1/16/12: The original offending post of theirs is still up,
and so please read my commentary about it earlier on this blog. I would think that people over the age of 21 would be responsible for what they say, and what they put out on the internet. I realize that the JET Program in Japan does leave certain participants/employees with a lot of excess time on their hands. But is it a good idea to use that for trolling on the internet, within the Japan-side expat community?]

[Update 1/16/12 #2: Are Cardwell and Jerez behind the scurrilous “Japan Blog Review”? We’ll only know once there can be some discovery on this.]