Great pictures from the various #OccupyWallStreet movements around the nation, and the world.

They can be had at the Atlantic website, including #12, which was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend.

To me, this movement has special meaning, because I am in a situation where I am up against a huge multinational corporation that has pretty much done whatever they wanted, since they took my job from me in Tokyo. The idea that there are so many other people around the world who are tired of just sitting there and taking it, even though they are playing by the rules and doing the right thing, is reassuring. I thought about this as I was delivering my first objection to a 12(b)(6) motion (see yesterday’s entry) to the post office.

Let’s hope that Occupy continues all throughout the year, and well into the 2010’s. There are so many issues that go to fundamental fairness, and they really have been discussed, heart-to-heart, among the people since maybe the 1970’s.

Are the Ninety Nine really here as playthings for the top One Percent? Like Lords and Serfs. That’s never what America was supposed to be about, and we fought a bloody Civil War where these notions were played to their human extremes. (One side dehumanizing the other, for centuries.)

The more people who begin to ask, “why?”, about certain issues, the more likely it will be that we will finally see the justice and material changes that are so needed in America, and that many of us had expected with the election of Barack Obama.