Turkey Hill takes me back in the day.

I haven’t done one of these style posts in a while.

Where I’m living now is around the WawaTurkey Hill borderline of southcentral Pennsylvania. These are popular convenience stores here, that never quite got franchised into something over in Japan–like Seven Eleven.

I have fond memories of Wawa from the years I spent in Philadelphia. It was probably one of the few good things about the city. In those days, though, you usually had to dodge a guy bumming for change in front of the store. In the far suburbs of Philadelphia, and in exurbs like Lancaster, there are no Wawa Bums. But there is a bit of a demarcation line between Wawa territory and Turkey Hill land. I think my neighborhood is firmly Turkey Hill, but there is a Wawa in Ephrata.

What I like about our Turkey Hill is that the place probably has not been updated since the 1980’s, and the music played inside is now what is called “classic rock”. I don’t think I’ve heard any song later than 1989, and so it’s like stepping back in time to my youth, when I was spending enough at the convenience stores around Penn that one of them should be named after me–or at least an aisle.

The other night, the random song as I went in to get a TastyKake was Eddie Money’s “Baby Hold On”.

For a few minutes, I’m not the middle-agish guy of the year 2011; but the college student of 1986.

It’s funny that the generations of those days used to deride rock-and-rollers along with the hippies of the Vietnam War and other youth culture symbols. But now, all of this is classic–they don’t write ’em like that anymore.