#OWS A website that posts the 99% pictures.

I have been looking here and there for one of these, since I shared one about a woman with breast cancer on Facebook.

Back in the 20th century, times were tough, but people lived in smaller towns (not far-reaching suburbs). So it was easier to see these people and hear their stories. The “splendid isolation” that the suburbs created after World War II made it harder to hear about people’s bad predicaments.

Now, with the rise of internet technology, we are coming full circle.

Having been born in 1965, I remember each of the last seven or eight recessions, including 1974 and the big one in the early 1980’s. Nothing matches this one. In ’74 and ’81, the jobs disappeared, but new ones inevitably came back by the millions.

Where are the jobs?

What’s this country going to be like in two years, if the jobs don’t come back?

(And it won’t be: “Oh, we’ll just elect Romney or Perry!” and, then, they’ll give even more of our resources to the extremely wealthy. I don’t think so.

I fear that whatever starts to happen will be more like looking back on OWS with fondness for how peaceful everyone was . . . )