Hello to my blog’s big reader today, unrecorded in Sitemeter.

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and so, during this time, I tend to have both my blog dashboard and the Sitemeter visitor logging site open.

Something funky’s been going on since about 10:30. Someone is reading old posts of mine at this website–but Sitemeter is recording zero.

It’s up to me to do Primo PDF’s of the post list, and see what someone is interested in reading about.

I wonder if this ties to the several hundred pages that were downloaded over the last week or two from someone in Garden City, Long Island?

What possibly could so fascinate a random reader of my blog, that they want to (looks like) print out or record several hundred pages of Hoofin to You?

What are you looking for? Just send me an e-mail!

(C.f. this article in today’s New York Times, by Hasan Elahi.)


3 Replies to “Hello to my blog’s big reader today, unrecorded in Sitemeter.”

  1. Rick, there are 2 pages of me, one my husband made to mess with me and it sez 58 peeps read it and 16 read a post I wrote. IT WAS JUST MADE 2nite…

    The other I have NO clue abt. but saw it on a relatives page. Your sage advice wld be most appreciated!

      1. Delgie, I think, in that instance, someone is screwing with you. They are refreshing the page dozens of times. Here, someone wants to get around Sitemeter for some reason. But I still got to see what they wanted to read.

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