Japanese child abduction cases when the shoe is on the other foot.

This one in the Japan Times.

I have been meaning to post one concerning another instance where the Japanese mother was left on the short end of the stick. The CRN Japan group, which has been active in promoting the child abduction issue before the U.S. Congress, posted that a Japanese woman was arrested in Hawaii earlier this year, after having abducted her son from Wisconsin to Japan. The woman returned to America in order renew her permanent residence (Green Card). The authorities had been tipped off that the woman, by taking her child out of America, was actually wanted for a crime. So she was arrested.

In the other story I link above, a Japanese woman had been living in London. The husband moved the family to Tokyo under the pretense that he received a job offer there. Then, he absconded with his son to New Zealand. It is a case that looks to be playing on the fact that Japan has yet to ratify the Hague Convention. However, it is debatable whether the father ever was really a “resident” of Japan–since he turned around and left for New Zealand. Since the U.K. and New Zealand are both treaty signatories, his little gambit might not pay off in the long run.

It’s noteworthy, though, that Japan’s archaic child custody laws are causing all these problems. You would think that the country would “get with it”, finally, on this issue.