Occupy Movement not going away, no how. Congress’ popularity at 9%.

Just a brief one today to talk up the Occupy Movement. There isn’t a day that goes by where one of the colonies in the various cities is not in the news. Even, unfortunately, when it’s crime that is occurring in the area of an encampment.

Many cities want Occupy to go away. But in order to successfully put the goals of the group out, these tent cities can’t go away.

This is really quite something. The Occupy people are going to keep it up all winter, and they are going to be hard to ignore.

One group you’d like to ignore, though, is Congress. Unfortunately, though, they have legislative power in America. It should come as no big shock that the popularity of Congress is now down to 9%. It makes you think that all 435 Representatives and the 33 or 34 Senators will be voted out in 2012. Highly unlikely. But why should anyone vigorously support a crop of candidates who collectively drive the institution to 9%?

The seven or eight last prime ministers of Japan–except Koizumi–occasionally polled at something in the low 10’s. I don’t think that any of them ever got to 9%. Usually, when they were down in the teens, they were toast in a matter of months.

I wonder: Occupy says that the 1% are wrecking things for the 99% of us. Meanwhile, Congress can only find 9% of the people to agree. It sounds like Congress is heading from 9% to 1%. Then, the Occupiers will clearly show that they know what they are talking about.