New York’s mayor Bloomberg zaps Occupy. The story sucks in more oxygen.

The latest twist in the Occupy movement is that the New York mayor had police come in and sweep out Liberty/Zuccotti Park. It is not clear where the New York Occupiers are going to spend the night, but it’s not at that park, if the Law has any say.

A New York Supreme Court judge refused to block the city from kicking the protesters out for the night. “Supreme Court” in New York state is the first level of the trial court system—not that state’s highest court. (I think they call that the New York Court of Appeals.) So what this guarantees is that the issue of when and how the Occupy movement can use Zuccotti Park is going to be decided, inevitably, in the courts.

The success that the movement people had today was the simple fact that the city took action. The response is likely to encourage the Supreme Court to rule on the merits of how the park can be used for protest (that is, can a protest over a number of days, weeks, or months, be carried out in that park?) Have the other people who want to use that park been unfairly deprived of its use while the protest goes on?

Encampments bring small trouble, no doubt about that. But the story is compelling, and it is forcing the 1% issue out into daily public discussion.

This is much better than “Does he have a real birth certificate?!” and all that other crap. You haven’t heard from the goofy Tea Party and their billionaire masters in the shadows, either, for the last two months. That is another accomplishment of the Occupiers.

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