November 17 was my old Japanese visa expiration day.

Back when I was in Japan, November 17 was the date that my visa usually expired. Starting in ’05, the years were maybe ’06, ’07, and then ’10. The last one obviously didn’t get renewed. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you remember that I had transferred over to a 90-day stamp before November 17, and then stayed until late December.

If you regularly watched the old Odd Couple series on ABC television, you remember that November 13 was the day that Felix Unger “was asked to remove himself from his place of residence” by his wife. So, in some years, I worried whether November 17th was the day that the Japanese government was going to ask me to remove myself from my place of residence!

“On November 17th, Gandorakku-san was asked to remove himself from his place of residence . . . ”

This year, I forgot the significance of the date, and all day long I’ve been wondering why it was sticking in my head. Well, now I remember.

Have you had trouble keeping the days straight lately, too? They all have so many “1’s” in them: 11/11/11, 11/12/11, 11/13/11, 11/14/11, etc. The trouble I am having is that it’s the day with a “7” in it, but it is the fifth day of the week!

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