Fukushima radiation scare leading to more social media activism in Japan.

Associated Press via Japan Today.

One of the groups featured is Our Planet TV, which has a website, here. One note, though, is that the English version of the site claims that Our Planet TV “was founded by a small group of producers, video journalists and other media professionals who questioned the way mainstream media covered 9.11 and the events that followed.” I think they really mean 3.11 (i.e. March 11), not 9.11. That is, they are not “truthers”.

Groups like this organization is what I was saying about last March, after the earthquake and tsunami put that plant into chaos: the same kind of “social awareness” that arose in the Soviet Union after Chernobyl would probably be seen from the citizenry of Japan who live around nuclear plants.

It’s well accepted these days that the Chernobyl disaster sent a message to the Ukrainian public that their lives were considered cheap. (Yes, clearly governments do not try to send that message to a population, but events unfold that make that clear.)

There is an ongoing debate in social media (including the slowly calcifying blog site form) as to how much “risk” is actually represented by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. I have never thought that that was the right debate though. It’s too two dimensional. The real concern is what did the Fukushima disaster make people feel. Well, it made them feel nervous that they were surrounded by a radiation threat. People try to dismiss that, but I believe it’s very potent. Science can measure the amount of background radiation and say it’s “safe”. And very likely, yes, it is. Science said that the blood could only be from O.J. Simpson. So it goes.

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