On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, record amount of goodwill for America in Japan.

As reported by the New York Times. 82% favorable.

I am always saying that the Japanese people are mostly nice. Some jerks, but mostly nice. So it’s good to see that the statistics back me up.

I feel that the problem comes out of group that’s not part of the 18%, and I’d bet you that they’re the ones in positions of greater power within Japan! When you think about 70 years ago, it wasn’t all the Japanese who wanted to fight America. It might not even have been a plurality. It was a set of troublemakers with a lot of power. They started the second Sino-Japanese War, and that was four years before Pearl.

The news keeps referencing the “Operation Tomodachi” mission, which was after the March 11 tsunami. But I’d like to think that if we’re tomodachi (friends) and not just shiriai (acquaintances), that that response should just be seen as something natural on our part. (This is what you would do if you were tomodachi and not just shiriai.)

I know that the characters among the Pacific Elite, who milk those bilateral relations for every yen and dollar—for themselves, their cronies and extended families—are going to be touting that 82% statistic as if they themselves had something to do with it. But, again, if it had to do with the March 11 response, it was good old U.S. taxpayer once again on the hook for the generosity—while the Pacific Elite spins it for even better careers and money.

I am always happy to see things work out. I also like to lift under the rock and see what’s there. Let’s hope that that mutual goodwill can be put to constructive projects and resolutions for the people of both nations, as we commemorate the war dead of a war that is receding into history.