Quinnipiac polling called me, several nights ago, and here come the results at 6:30 am EST! #quinnipiac

I am writing this at 1:40 am EST, so I gather that the results will be at this link: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x2882.xml?ReleaseID=1678. (Some old-fashioned linking there, eh?)

It was a poll where they asked about presidential preferences. Since my birthday is the next one in the house, I got to answer. The party I am in, and the candidate I currently support, are not the same! So it sounded to me like they were asking about who I would give a primary vote to, when, in fact, I would be voting for someone else in the general (whose initials are BHO).

Well, the answer, of course, was Huntsman. He’s the only one of the bunch who isn’t some kind of clown or charlatan or weathervane. And not just because he and I are both Penn ’87, except he’s done loads more with the degree, except his old man was some billionaire and that probably helped.

We both spent some years in Asia. We both would like to be cool, but probably aren’t. (What “probably”?) We both a little geeky. We both try to see situations for what they are.

But Jon Huntsman won’t be the nominee, and there’s already somebody who fits the bill in the White House already. That is the sad thing for Jon Huntsman, because he’s running like it’s the Republican Party of the early 1970’s, and all those people are gone. It’s really the Confederacy Party now. Abraham Lincoln would be kicked out of it. So would Dwight Eisenhower.

So I just kept saying “Huntsman” for everything, (like, thirty times it felt like), even though the contemporary GOP smells really bad, the old one of 50 or 60 years ago ain’t coming back, and I would have rather been talking about Obama and Occupy.

I think Gingrich is going to snatch the nomination from Romney, which is great as it goes, because all the smelly GOP policies (no Medicare, child labor, “jobs program, what’s that?”) get wrapped up in one candidate, and he goes down to ignominious defeat next November.

So yesterday evening I looked up the polling, and, yes, it was a Quinnipiac poll of swing state voters. I feel I don’t screw up the polling if I say about it now–since it’s done.

Good thing, too. I was worried that it was some kind of fraud, that maybe a Koch Brothers-funded outlet was pretending to be Quinnipiac in order to see who was supporting who in Penna.