I thought I was done with an A.S. in Mathematics. But no, there is a Java component!

To my everyday readers, I mentioned to you a couple nights ago that I had CLEPped a “72” in Information Systems and Computer Applications. So I thought I was almost done with my Raritan Valley degree. However, there was a footnote to the community college’s accepting the CLEP test, in that I also have to “demonstrate knowledge of JAVA programming by CIS Dept. after minimum cut score is met.” I assume they mean demonstrate knowledge to the CIS department, but the big question is: what do I have to know?

Does this mean I have to program in Java? Or does it mean that I have to describe what programming in Java is? Do I have to know the vocabulary, like “method” and “class” and “package”? OOP – object oriented programming? The four types of Java applications?

Is it “Hello World”? (The basic system.out.println command that all beginners get shown.) How much more than “Hello World”?

I am sitting here with Eclipse all night, trying to go over as many of these as I know how to do . . .


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