Japan abduction dialogue continues on in comments to last Friday’s post.

You can see the post and comments here.

For the amount of time that I dedicate to blogging, I can’t keep up with the various posts. There are a couple of good commenters who are moving the dialogue away from the acrimony that I mentioned about yesterday.

I have also managed to visit two good websites on the Japan child abduction and joint custody issues, here, here, and here. The third one is very much in the “Occupy” style of showing a picture, but no statement on a cardboard sign or letter.

I have Tony DelVecchio’s down as a permanent link on the lower right of this site.

I am interested in this on strand of debate, on whether the State Department has been doing all it can, or kicking the can. You know, normally I focus on Japan employment discrimination and the problem with pension (social security) coverage—where I feel the State Department doesn’t really give a rat’s ass. So I wonder about the child abduction issue, too. I strongly suspect that they only move as fast as the U.S. Department of Defense and the major multinational corporations with interests in Japan let them.

[Update 12/31/11: Another good site about Left Behind issues.]