The President gave a good speech.

Tonight was the American 2012 State of the Union speech. I watched it on the internet.

President Obama did a great job laying out a detailed plan for this year. I particularly liked the idea of a global minimum corporate tax, and that companies are encouraged to site jobs in America—not overseas. As you well know, I have been pointing out that, when the American IS overseas, working for an American company, there’s a good shot the job will be taken from him or her. If that is the situation, then make sure the jobs stay in America.

I get the feeling that the days of raiding the U.S. treasury, and painting the Democrats as a bunch of bunglers, is over. High time. The Republicans, as you can see from the Romney-Gingrich fight, really have nothing to offer. They are caricatures.

It will be another tough year for Barack Obama, another in a series that has gone three years already. It may be that this is the one where his efforts are finally starting to “click” with that group of independent voters who are generally skeptical about anything, anymore, when it comes to Washington getting anything done. I know that I feel like I’m that group from time to time.

[Update 1/25/12: The New York Times has done something pretty remarkable, and matched the You Tube video of the speech to the text of it. So the remarks about corporate tax reform and related jobs policy is at 11:48. Check it out.]

[Update 1/25/12 #2: You can bet, given the content of my case, if I do get dinged on 12(b)(6)’s, a copy of that opinion goes to the the Pennsylvania Obama for America office. Even when the American is in the overseas job, the big multinationals are trying to eliminate it and stick it in China or India—but keep entree into the market back in their, ehem, “old” home.]