More Chris Johnson story woes.

Courtesy of Japan Probe.

It sounds like Johnson had worked for Japan Volleyball Association (“JVA”) during 2010. He stopped working for them in 2011, and proceeded to report (1) about (2) them (3) (in a negative light), without disclosing that he had previously worked for JVA. [Ah, there has been some moving of the links, and so the source of negativity about JVA is: here.]

This is not good. It is one thing to be putting out these stories as if you are relatively unbiased. It’s another one to be giving out your opinion in situations where you have your views and feelings about something you don’t think is good. I would say that one side of the line in that split is “reporting”, and the other line is “blogging”. It’s OK to be a blogger; it just means you’re not a reporter.

I am still curious to know what was Chris Johnson’s visa status before he left Japan on his December trip. Did he have a good visa and a valid re-entry stamp? Now that’s a story, if he did have such, and was not let back in.

[Update: Of course, you can be a reporter and a blogger. It’s just that one really needs to make clear what is the view and what are the facts being conveyed . . . ]