Hearting Mutant Frog Travelogue

I want to make a special post dedicated to Mutant Frog Travelogue, which has been in my list of linked blogs to the lower right for many, many months. A few days ago, I had said that I felt the Froggers had been gaming their numbers on Sitemeter, and that caused a bit of ill feeling. (They, particularly, Roy Berman, says emphatically, “no”, so that is that.)

I want to “emphasize the positive”, and show my good faith as well, which is that I can simply draw back into the archive of 2,835 posts, to one I did based off an entry on Mutant Frog by Adam Richards, which I was really impressed with. It had to do with the numbers that Japan’s METI keeps on the Eikaiwa industry.

I thought it was a really great post, and it helped me develop my own indicators for what goes on in Japan’s private English teaching market. I haven’t updated that graph in half a year (since Flyjin Era), but here it is:

Amazingly, there has been an uptrend in both the number of instructors AND the amount of revenue per class. I thank Adam Richards for originally pointing me to this METI information.

The site was particularly popular around the time of the Fukushima crisis, because the bloggers who were focused on levels of radiation felt that the commentary there was very good. (My focus has always been on the emotional and political effects that the Fukushima crisis was going to have on the population, so I wasn’t keen on that aspect.)

For some reason, the website went down late last summer. But a week or two ago, it was resuscitated, and it is just a matter of time before the gang there starts posting again.

Good luck and here’s to a lot of visitors!