Finding “Kei’s” stalker in the Tepido Oort Cloud. @cjinasia #tepidonaruhodo

Picking up on yesterday’s post about Arena v. Doe, (2:12-cv-00778-ER, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. [Complaint here. Docket here.)]

As reporter Chris Johnson is finding out, is primarily a website set up to attack individuals for their association, at some degree, with Arudou Debito. This association can be as being the topic of a Debito post. It can be for being a comment contributor to his site. It can be for defending Arudou Debito’s obvious right to put out his opinions on the internet. And, it can be, that you are somehow a degree removed from it, too. You may have previously posted on Debito, or you may have posted on a site, where the blog author has posted. There is no logic to it. It is a game of sorts, for these people, to go around attacking, personally, whoever becomes the “it”. And this month, Chris Johnson is the “it”.

You can see, here, that I have been named as a potential “it” by (at least) one of the posters on

Apparently, they are “looking for others to . . . mmm, critique?”

My best guess is that Kei’s “John Doe” comes out of that Oort Cloud of bullies and social misfits. If you look at the bang-up job these characters did on Arudou, on Chris Savoie (who had posted on Debito’s), and now on Chris Johnson, and through subsidiary sites like “Billowy Kimono” and “Japan Blog Review”, you see the same pattern:

1) someone becomes the “it”;

2) a TON of internet digging, maybe with the help of a Google employee who posts there;

3) a mysterious blog or other website appear, with personal criticism, libel, character assassination–whatnot. Designed to get at least some “SEO” through placing the target’s name prominently. The author of the site is either fictitious or anonymous;

4) occasionally, e-mailings out of nowhere to associated people who can be found through web searches.

Now, when you consider that Blogger Kei was a frequent earlier commenter of mine, and has had interaction (as a commenter) by pointing to at least one poster who frequents Tepido, I would say that she shook the Oort Cloud.

If you read the Philly Magazine account of it (or the complaint), you find that the feeling is: why is someone out of nowhere doing this to me? We have all felt similarly, I am sure. The simple answer is that this is what some people do. This is what they get off on. It’s funny, until the litigation hits.

[Update 2/18/12: Per my comment in response to Jane Grey, below, my sense is that the search for the “scary stalker!” begins with Kei’s comment, here:

Hmmm, who in the Tepido Oort Cloud is mentioned?]

[Update #2 2/21/12: Good to see that Google removed the blog in question. Hopefully, they just turn over the IP to the judge, too. I wonder what it takes to get the hosts of Japan Blog Review to do the same . . . ]

8 thoughts on “Finding “Kei’s” stalker in the Tepido Oort Cloud. @cjinasia #tepidonaruhodo

  1. Very good Hoofin. I’m surprised that it has gone on for so long, after all, it doesn’t take a genius to link Tepido with Panasonic (which since it has a 700 Bn Yen loss, must be looking to lose a few staff?). Doesn’t seem like sensible behavior to me.

    1. As a person who went to law school (licensed but not in practice), I generally stand up for people’s right to say about what they see, hear, and read in the media, involving public things. But I felt that Ken Y-N was really going down a bad road when he dedicated a site to inviting personal attacks on Arudou Debito. When did this thing start, August 2010? Sometime shortly afterwards, I told him directly that I didn’t think a website dedicated to slamming somebody was too good.

      Subsequently, the “Japan Blog Review” appears, and I get slammed–twice. [This was f]or me as me, not something I said where the person or persons wanted to argue the opposite. A few weeks before (at least, by post dates), I get the attention of “Billowy Kimono” (JETs Rene Jerez and Laura Cardwell), where there were a bunch of misrepresentations about things one or both of these two read on my site.

      To me, it is no surprise that “Kei” got targeted at some point, and my belief is it goes back to her multiple postings on MY site, and, in particular, an exchange last fall where she criticized these two (now ex-)JETs.

      Yeah, when it’s litigation, she obviously is not going to say to her Dad, the lawyer, that she was having these communications. It’s about “some scary stalker”, which is a more interesting read. (If you do look through the Korean Bloggers Exposed hit piece, you see very clearly that it is in response to some fight about ‘who embarrasses the JET Programme more?!’) This, coupled with the fact that sometime in late December, someone sifted through my site on the term “kei and hoofin”, makes it pretty clear to me that she became the “it” for that group of people who hangs on the site.

      What does Ken Yasumoto-Nicholson gain from an anti-Debito site, that branches out into a site dedicated to slamming people who are some degrees removed from Debito? It’s beyond me. I think there are a number of motivations—none of them good. I think these are people who are just generally negative, particularly about other people accomplishing anything. The excuse that they are “getting the story out there about (whoever the target is that month) for the better benefit of all of us in Japan!” is the kind of excuse that these type people make. And, to a large extent, it feeds the next round of attacks.

    1. Jane, I don’t even know where to begin with this crowd.

      For one, there is the situation with Kei herself. I have spent countless hours, over text, trying to help her out. The slam blog was really nasty, and I know how that feels from the “Japan Blog Review”.

      The trouble is that there is this federal litigation. As is clear now, apparently in her anticipating federal litigation, I was implored by “Kei”, basically, to go in and start deleting things. I deleted the one comment, and the links back to her old site. My general policy is no deletions once posted, because I assume I am dealing with a grown up on the other side, and deleting stuff can mess up the train of comments that the other commenters might rely on.

      What clearer now though, is that that comment, pointing to two individuals and saying, basically, that they embarrass the JET Programme with their “Billowy Kimono” and multiple (and I mean multiple) other blogs, shows motive for someone to basically turn around and go digging for a bunch of negative internet stuff on “Kei”. Then, it is no longer the “scary stalker”, but rather one of two people, or both, who have a get-back-at going. This is one theory.

  2. You’ve managed to scare them off the Tepido crowd Hoofin! They seem to be moving onto Spike Japan. This is rather like watching the internet equivalent of the school yard bullies sizing up potential victims.

    1. It’s a shame that they persist in going down that one avenue, though. Everyone should be able to agree to share opinions, but what happens in knee-jerk fashion there [are] ritual attacks on the person. I told Tepido 18 months ago that I didn’t think that was such a hot idea.

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