The one-year-later pictures and stories of Tohoku Japan, from the Atlantic & NYT

There are a number of great stories out today on the one-year remembrance of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year.

From the Atlantic.

Hiroko Tabuchi in the New York Times.

I really like Ms. Tabuchi’s story, because it is focused on one man, an undertaker, who knew exactly what to do in the days surrounding the tragedy. This is the kind of man who appreciates the full circle of life. I am sure he was shocked as anyone, but he knew what to do. You know? There are more people like that out there, of course. But fewer, in the counting.

He prepared the remains of those he found, in the Buddhist tradition. He knew how the circle of life goes, and what his role was at that time. Very Japanese, and very universal. There are remarkable people in this story of human tragedy.