It was Santorum over Romney, but probably Romney versus Obama in the end.

The last time I wrote about the President was back when the Republican Congress was handing it back to him last summer. They kept moving to their contemporary, wacky, right—and encouraging Obama to “compromise” right wherever they were.

This went on through the Phony Debt Crisis, and then the President just stopped playing it like that.

So, for about the last half year, the American public has been treated (I don’t know if that’s the word I want) to the antics of the Clown Car that has become the modern Republican Party. In particular, the selection process for whoever will be up against Barack Obama in November.

About the only guy I saw as being able to make a clean break with the Clown Car was Jon Huntsman (Penn ’87, same as me!) But he is too sane for today’s GOP—even though his politics are by no means Clifford Case moderate. (You might need to hit that Wiki link.)

Each week, the remaining three GOP contenders, plus Ron Paul, try to outdo themselves with either the social conservatism or the continuing raid on the federal treasury by rich people. Their many lackeys in the general populace cheer them on. (I don’t know how many is many, but it’s enough.)

A lot of talk this week has been about the movie Game Change, which I didn’t see yet, but probably saw all the good excerpts of. The gist of the movie is that Sarah Palin is, in some ways, the very scheming dunce and small person that she comes across as out on the campaign hustings. But why she was the “Game Change” was the Republican ticket was sinking. They needed to do something. In the olden days’ Republicans went for, and were known for substance. But the they had no more substance left. So they went with image–Sarah Palin. A female tabula rasa that they thought they could just paint whatever they needed to on.

No way Santorum gets the nomination, and no way (well 35%-65% way) Romney gets the Presidency. It’s surprising in all this political noise, though, that few commentators are pointing out that the Republicans are going down just like the Democrats did around 1968 to 1972. The Grand Old Party is no longer grand.