Temple University budget cuts (lack of increases): another round of who moved my cheese? What about #TUJ ?

This article appeared a couple weeks back in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Corbett Administration in Harrisburg is not interested in giving Temple University any more state money than it has to. Last year, Temple was cut some $40 million or so (from $180 million to $140 million), and this year, the Governor wants to cut it back to something closer to $100 million.

This has led to a campus-wide discussion about what Temple could do to save money. They are looking under every lecture hall seat for whatever change they can find. Maybe do a few mergers of departments and cut back on toilet paper. Do we really need so much bling?

Well, anyway, what surprises me is that no one mentions about things like Temple Japan. Regular readers know that I have been on that one at least once a quarter since late 2009. I think the Tokyo campus costs about $2 million more than it takes in (maybe even more), but was never able to get a straight answer out of the Controller’s Office. I realize that if the Governor is talking about $30 million, or $40 million, and here there’s some spending going on in Tokyo that’s “just” $2 million, maybe it’s hard to overlook.

Not a lot of folks around the Pennsylvania Senate seem to know this, but Temple said that only about 33 undergraduates from Temple in Philly were going to the Japan Campus last fall. I don’t know what the Spring 2012 number is, (or do they do three terms—Fall, Winter, Spring)? What is the number–does anyone know?

If it’s $2,000,000 over budget in order to send 40 Temple students to study in Japan, why not hand them each a $50,000 scholarship and let them study where they want in Japan for a year?

Maybe this is the year that someone with a bit more heft in this banana republic of a state of ours starts asking Temple more questions about Temple Japan!! Stop wasting time with ultrasound bills, and start focusing on sound budgets!