More coverage on the Goldman Sachs Union, from Hiroko Tabuchi.

Missed this one yesterday.

Get that mask, though. It totally makes the picture.

The man to the right on the shot is Attorney Timothy Langley, who, one account said, was not an attorney. (This might have been the Japan Times or Asahi. [It was Japan Times, but it looks like they mean not bengoshi.]) He is was, in fact, a U.S.-licensed attorney, and a very good one. He just might not be bengoshi. He’s got to be gaiben, though. [See updates.]

[Updated as I find more links and stuff.]

[Update #1: Timothy Langley runs a blog at his company’s site.]

[Update 3/24/12: Per the comments below, we are trying to determine which state Timothy Langley is licensed in. I think it’s actually D.C., but awaiting confirmation.]

[Update 3/25/12: I asked Timothy about this, and he confirmed that he isn’t active back in the States either, which is: fine! Remember, the use of esquire to solicit lawyer business is only problematic if you are within that jurisdiction. He is owner-manager of a company that provides his services as an expat/rainmaker/gatekeeper and former U.S.-licensed attorney. I know that this disappoints my reader who left the several comments overnight through the TOR anonymizing software, but I think you should have been spending your time at where you usually hang out . . . ]