Temple University Japan Campus starts blending into Musashi University.

From Japan Today, a report that Temple Japan is going to begin a partnership with Musashi University, that students on the one campus will be able to take their “abroad” courses right in convenient, downtown Tokyo.

If you read this as I do, it’s a sign of what Temple Japan campus is going to be, six or seven years down the road:   an international-style faculty that is based at some college in the Kantou region.    The tie up with Musashi is basically admitting that Temple Japan can’t draw enough Japanese students on its own independent efforts.

As we see this week with Dartmouth, universities are never very good at owning up to bad news, or bad developments.   Reporters don’t make the effort to find out what goes on at these billion dollar budget institutions, because there aren’t a lot of leads, and the governance is very corporate.   Unless a school choose to be candid about developments in their bailiwick, its left to outside observers to conclude what seems apparent, from the amount that is shared.

If you were a Musashi student, and you wanted an American-style education, but the convenience of Tokyo, you would just go and enroll at Temple Japan.    Now, you are being offered Temple Japan, because Temple Japan can’t get the students.   Sure, it might be worth taking classes there—as long as your main school credits them.   And any future employer or graduate program respects those as well.