Ho ho! IBM CEO Ginni Rometty kept out of Augusta golf club, because she’s a woman!

From the New York Daily News, the shoe is on the other foot.   Now, it’s a problem!

How wild.   When IBM is called upon to answer an EEO administrative complaint, or honor Title VII (US antidiscrimination laws) in its overseas units, they foot-drag for years on end.   When new CEO Ginni Rometty needs a golf club membership at a private, Southerners’ golf club, the issue gets escalated in hours.

I of course agree that club should be open to all members, non-discriminatorily, for the things we as a people say are wrong to discriminate on.   It’s just the hypocrisy that amazes me.    If the club said, that they need a few years to work on the situation, that would be unacceptable.

I am certain that Ginni Rometty appreciated that Title VII was there for her, as a young corporate hire, in 1981.   Now, in 2012, she (and we) are calling for the standards of anti-discrimination to be honored by that (arguably) private club.

With Rometty, though, it looks like a case of “laws to benefit me, but not for thee . . . ”

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[Update #1:   commentary from the Washington Post ]