NYT: What 23 years of e-mail say about you.

Just a quick one, that I mean to expand sometime later.

Wolfram (Dr. Stephen Wolfram) was featured in a NY Times article about analyzing data about things you do everyday, in order to find patterns, and maybe gain some insight. This is “personal data mining”.

I delight about finding internet or social media metrics. Here is someone measuring so many other things about himself, for what they might say.

Our privacy is not what it used to be. Is it possible we will be able to record our whole lives for someone to play back in the future?

[More when I get a chance.]

[Update 4/8/12: The Atlantic is covering another article about a Twitter meme study, done at an Indiana university. I haven’t read the whole study yet, but I like the diagram that is being passed around in connection to it.

“#Japan” is a rather diffuse diagram. The Atlantic piece says it’s a diagram about how the March 2011 earthquake news spread. It suggests that there are a lot of little interconnected bubbles in the meme “Japan”. Tiny bubbles, in the meme. I figure a lot of the Japan discussion must fit this pattern.


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