IBM Interrogatories: I’m not so sure I’m going to get a response!

I guess, in 3 1/2 years, I’ve seen enough to see the patterns. When a big company’s people don’t want to answer something, they just don’t.

It reminds me of the week in October 2008, when I tried to get someone from Human Resources on the line. Plus e-mail. I never got a response. Then, it took them months and months (remember?) to respond to a simple administrative charge—that smaller companies around America only get 90 days, max, to answer.

Building a smarter planet” is the corporate advertising pitch. The idea is that the high technology is going to make things better, faster and stronger. Yet, with all the technology, they still can’t answer basic questions like who decided to breach a contract, or do something different than what Japanese labor law requires.

It’s really not that hard. It was 20 questions, nothing asking to produce paperwork, just names and descriptions of actions. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure give your opponent 30 days. I know it got there by March 7 originally, so how come no answer? The judge was really clear in the order.

[Update 4/11/12: I am reading the Judge’s order right, right? I subsequently did the propounding, and am still waiting for the response . . .