Kawamoto the lawyer in the Japan Times about pension coverage.

Mean to say something about this one, from the other day.

The Japan Times has been covering pensions a lot in the last year, which, to me, is great. The more people who know that they should be asking questions, and early, the better it is to get this problem between America and Japan fixed.

Kawamoto does not say if the questioner is an American (Canadian, etc.), but if the person had 19 years in with their home country, then, they were cheated out of 6 years’ coverage in the Japanese pension. This may or may not be big money, but it is money.

This is an issue no one should let go.
An annuity is a very valuable thing. Just because it’s paid out, say, $200 a month, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth tens of thousands of dollars. Try to get a private company to give you $200 a month for life, and they will want some big number–$40,000 or more (much more.)

It is a shame that the topic has to be brought up in the context of suing. You shouldn’t have to sue for it.

Hello U.S. Embassy???