Panasonic to move North American headquarters to Newark, New Jersey

A development from last summer, reported on

Not enough people back in the Japan-side expat community know that there is a Panasonic North America, and that it’s based right outside New York City, in northern New Jersey. They must do a ton of sales in the United States and Canada, and maybe as much as they do in Japan—since our combined market is three times bigger.

You can read the corporate info page, here.

Panasonic is committed to being a good corporate employee in New Jersey, and, from what I hear, they are responsive to community concerns. That’s how a Japanese company becomes a big success in America. They blend in with the community and support it. The products are made in Japan (or maybe, even, China, Korea or Taiwan). But no one thinks much about that. They just buy for reliability, and I know my extended family has had at least one Panasonic product over the years—several maybe.

New Jersey is actually home to a couple hundred North American branches of major Japanese companies. Someone should make a list. I wonder if anyone in Trenton has.