A first “reblog” via WordPress.

Yosomono of Gaijinass had some interesting insights on the threats the internet poses to people who write on it.

As Mirror Spock said, ” . . . I am frankly content to be a lesser target.” For some trolls out there, it’s like the Mirror Enterprise.


We here at GaijinAss have had some moderate sucess with this site but we are too small to be catching any wide spread attention. That is the thing about success, it isn’t all about accolades and groupies, if we become succesful we will become targets too. Just ask “she who shall not be named” whose site blew up after she started writing about her swinging nightlife. Later she got a respectable job and tried to live as both the anonymous sex blogger and corporate business woman but then the Internet struck and someone or some group went out of their way to expose her even going to the extreme length of creating a website to harass her and emailing all her google contacts “sensitive” information. Another aquaintence of mine had a similiar problem when she had 15min of Internet fame after blogging about some celebrity. Soon after people started digging…

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