IBM Japan interrogatories: official copy came, with not much else but objections!

Busy week, this week, with the kind of topics that I write online about.

The response to my March interrogatories arrived, after a nine-day trip in U.S. mail. The same as the PDF advance copy, there really is nothing there—and that’s a disappointment.

There is at least one person who was an officer in IBM Japan in 2008—the human resources head there—who is now working for IBM in New York. As I point out to the U.S. District Court Judge, this individual was not listed in the response at all.

It’s amazing.

The thing, too, is: these really weren’t hard questions. It’s simply who decided to end the employment relationship in Japan.

It’s like Drummer Hoff. Each soldier does something. It’s very easy to explain. Who did it? The proximate cause, and the cause in fact.

“Drummer Hoff . . . fired it off!”