Left Behind Parents revisit my comment section, based at the Toland post.

You can find it in the recent lineup, or here.

The main theme seems to be what value there is (or isn’t) to a Japan legal strategy for the Left Behind parent to see his or her kid. Almost always, his.

I appreciate new insights and new directions. I am hoping to talk down what clearly doesn’t work, but talk up avenues that might be successful.

[Update 4/21/12: My emphasis on this go around is going to be “middle”. I don’t want to do a rehash or have it be host to another fight like in January. I know that the two factions of Left Behind Parents have some serious disagreements, and they don’t particularly care much for each other. Internet fights are always worst–they rarely resolve amicably, because the medium is so shadowy. (Who wants to make up with someone who previously attacked you in the shadows?)

It looks like this go around is better, because we are getting down to brass tacks as to why the “work ONLY within Japan” strategy is an effective nonstarter.]