Kuniya Tsubota, former VP for HR in IBM Japan, now resides in New York. Why wasn’t that a discovery response?

I am still amazed by this. From the IBM parties’ discovery response last month, I should have received this man’s name—whether or not Paul Hastings firm also desired to object. (“Who committed the tort?” “Sorry, we object to the question.” Like that. [Update: 5/7/12 & 5/12/12: Obviously, the question was not put that way, but rather, the elements were sought out. Still, there was a refusal to answer . . . I don’t think interrogatories are supposed to work by my guessing names, and then the other side saying “nope”.] )

Well, from the few things that various search engines allow me, this man is in Hartsdale, New York, and he works for corporate headquarters of IBM in New York. There is a PDF out there, from early 2009, with him discussing how IBM is a “globally integrated enterprise” (GIE), which means that human resource decisions are not confined to single countries, even if the overall firm is, as they say, committed to the laws of those local countries.

Why wasn’t Mr. Tsubota an answer to one (or several) of the discovery questions? Surprising for him to be working in my country, when I’m still trying to get straight the crooked things done to me in his.

2 thoughts on “Kuniya Tsubota, former VP for HR in IBM Japan, now resides in New York. Why wasn’t that a discovery response?

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8525363/ex-ibm-japan-chief-quizzed-over-upskirt-filming

    Ex-IBM Japan chief ‘quizzed over upskirt filming’
    14:04 AEST Fri Aug 31 2012

    A former president of IBM Japan has been questioned by police after allegedly filming up the skirt of an unsuspecting woman in a train station, local media has reported.

    Takuma Otoshi, 63, used his iPod to take the illicit footage as the woman rode an escalator at a busy Tokyo station, Japan’s biggest-selling Yomiuri Shimbun and the Mainichi Shimbun reported.

    Passers-by saw what he was doing and reported him to police officers who found the recording, the papers said, adding Otoshi had told officers he was “interested in voyeurism”, according to investigators.

    Broadcaster NTV said the case would be sent to prosecutors “soon”.

    Otoshi was president of the Japanese unit of the US giant from December 1999 to January 2009. For around the last nine months of his term he was also chairman, a position he continued to hold until May 2012, when he became the most senior adviser to the firm, according to IBM Japan’s website.

    A company spokesman Thursday said he had resigned from that post. He gave no details about the resignation and said the company had no comment on the media stories.

    Police in Tokyo refused to confirm the allegations.

    Reports of often middle-aged men using their mobile phones and other hand-held devices to take illicit pictures or video footage of women in public are regular features in Japanese newspapers.

    The Yomiuri this week reported that a 27-year-old assistant judge from Osaka had been arrested on suspicion of committing a similar act.

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