Does the new Japanese residence card for foreigners “contain” information about pension and health insurance?

No, right?

This has been pointed out in a couple of places on the net, that the kari-zyuuminhyou (kari-juuminhyou) is not necessarily reporting your pension and health insurance contributions. (Or, the fact that you haven’t been contributing.)

The key development is that there is a space, somewhere locally, to record if you have, or haven’t, been paying.

I keep urging people to sign up for these, even if you don’t pay them. At some point in the future, it is going to be an issue if all the foreigners’ Residence Records are blank when it comes to pension and health insurance contributions. You want to be on the side of the divide, where at least you did your part . . .



  1. Jesse · May 27, 2012

    I was reading Debito and I think you may be incorrect about gaijins being forced into the NHI.
    Perhaps you can dig a little deeper into this. The school I work full-time for hasn`t enrolled me and I`ve been there for six years. If the school isn`t worrying about getting into trouble or paying I don`t see why I should.

    • hoofin · May 27, 2012

      I don’t think there’s any “forcing” yet. The point I am making is that the background situation is changing. Now, there are lists of foreigners who are not in. This makes it more likely (rather than less likely) that it will be an issue in the future.

      Maybe your school isn’t worried. Maybe they are just giving you the indication that they aren’t worried, so you won’t register and get a Blue Book.

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