Japan-side expat Don Pardos: What are they thinking??

You know, it seems I can’t post about the current case without attracting at least one anonymous character out there who feels the urge to send me a comment. Like, how is this skin off your ass?

I really wonder about these characters. They look at Japan as if it’s some kind of game show–except one where there are the Real Rules, and then some other baloney that gets made up along the way.

When “things don’t work out”, by their logic, you go away like the grateful contestant. (Do you see how disenfranchising this sort of logic is in the context of equal protection under the law?)

Do any of you remember old Jeopardy? Not Alex Trebek from 1989. I mean really old Jeopardy, with Art Fleming from the early 1970’s. Don Pardo was the announcer for the show (and 75% of everything on the NBC network). At the end of Jeopardy, Don Pardo would tell the losers what their consolation prizes were. I think one of the ’80s pop singers—Weird Al—did a video where the was a cameo by Pardo.

I really think these trolling turkeys look at themselves like Don Pardos. People lose their children in divorces, they lose labor and contract rights, they get charged hotel prices for apartment spaces, and these characters’ attitude is like it’s a game show where the people who got victimized, “lost the game”. You know, you’re not being invited back for the next show and thanks for playing. Now here’s Don Pardo to tell you what you’ll be going back home with.

Equal protection is not a game. It’s not a game show. I realize some people use the internet like it’s a game. But the stuff people are talking about happened out in real life.

Unless you’re the company that has to come up with 40 million yen because you screwed around with the labor laws I highlighted two days ago, I don’t see why you get worked up, and, more, where you really have anything to say. If you don’t think foreigners should have regular employment, don’t come to me. If you think fixed-term contracts make sense or are valid with a 30-day termination clause, don’t come to me. If you think overtime is supposed to be free, I really don’t want to know about it.

When Japanese officials go out and say that they treat the foreign population of their major military ally like those residents are guests on a game show, then I’ll lift my head up from the keyboard and click the link. The Japanese always indicate that everyone is covered in Japan under the same set of laws. There is no Don Pardo in that arrangement.