Slam blogs, controversial BBSs said to be going away, coming back, round and around.

A good commenter a while back had said that the popular FG website was shutting down at the end of May 2012 (yesterday). Well, that did not happen did it?

Then, the controversial posted an entry, saying that it, too, was closing down. Only to post the next day to say that, essentially, it was moving to another webpage (so, in effect, just keeping itself going under different auspices.)

I know that both these sites this year caught more attention in places that the site owner(s) probably don’t want. There is some talk of some legal proceedings happening on this or that side of the Pacific. I have enough on my own plate, and can’t really get too much into any of that, except to say that I am surprised that certain excesses carry (not carried, notice) on as long as they do.

What I wonder about certain site sponsors is that it never occurs to them that their actions would be interpreted cumulatively by anyone outside of the 3,000 or so people who routinely frequent the Japan-side expat blogosphere. (I don’t know the real number, but it can’t be the 50,000 or so that some YouTubers try to peddle as an audience in their stat counters.) And they’ve got so many elegant bs excuses for why whatever they’re doing has this “merit”; however, to the objective observer, it really looks bad.

I recently had someone attack me, personally, on a one-entry slam blog, for modestly sticking up for reporter Christopher Johnson earlier this year. Hit, simply for the association with someone else. Well, it’s tick filed. Hosting service notified.

It reminds me of Arena v. Doe, which is in its preliminary stage. Whoever did the deed in that case, thought they had this huge sea of anonymity behind them. But, in fact, ongoing discovery is very likely going to produce a very narrow set of possible perps.

Using the internet for some bad deeds is not a wise move. I know there are people who get their jollies out of picking those kind of fights, or just being menaces to whoever they feel like targeting. But it’s all cumulative. Maybe they will be successful, but I don’t think Tepido and who did whatever with what went down with FG forums are going to be able to back away from whatever trouble they caused, fast enough.