Wheat, that grain of evil.

Some people I am close to have a trouble eating wheat, and so I decided to cut way back on it myself.

When I was in Japan, I think this happened naturally, at first. That is, until I discovered American junk food, and the routine beer. I lost some weight going there, but came back to a regular number by about 2006. Saizeriya and places like that must be a wheat menu mostly.

Of course, a place like Lancaster County is Wheatlandia.

Well, the talk is that contemporary wheat (the dwarf wheat hybrid of the last 50 years) is not the healthiest of foods. A doctor has had a book out, called “Wheat Belly“, that says starkly that contemporary wheat is unhealthy. For various reasons, the intestines can’t digest it; and when they do, it causes all these other troubles in the body’s nutrition and balance. This isn’t simply gluten insensitivity or celiac; it’s blood sugar abnormalities and Type Two Diabetes as well. High Cholesterol. He says it’s all coming from the wheat.

I decided about two months ago to eat less wheat, or at least to carefully watch how much I do. Since then, I’ve had a lot less, and maybe lost about 10 pounds. I’m not sure I’m eating less, so much as I’m hungry less.

Why isn’t contemporary wheat (the dwarf hybrid from 1960, not even GMO) seen as more of a public health threat? I feel it’s like cigarettes. A lot of evidence was there in the 20th century to show that cigarettes were bad news. But that body of facts were put in the context about “everything can be bad news”, or “too much of anything can do x, y, or z.” There had to be this push-and-pull of “no no, tobacco is really bad” before the government took affirmative steps.

Farmers don’t have to grow wheat; they can just as well grow another grain—especially ones that celiacs (people who can’t process gluten) can tolerate. There just needs to be a shift in the marketplace between better foods and the crafted junk that was created since the 1960’s to “solve” this alleged problems in agriculture.

Grow different foods and replace the contemporary dwarf wheat grain with the one that was grown 100 years ago. There must still be some grains around.

[Update: The Wheat Belly Blog.]

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