F-ed gaijin website does shut down after all.

[Update 2/16/13: Sometime between then and now, it came back!]

This post is a follow-up to a comment from a regular reader, who had written in to say that he’d heard the site was closing at the end of May. In fact, it looks like the end date was the middle of June.

On a tangent, I know that that BBS was popular among the Japan-side expats as an online romper room. What I don’t know is why it decided to shut down. As you may know, there are several websites that have gotten religion, so to speak, about what they do in the community, or social network, of people focused on foreigner online dialogue in Japan. I have pointed out that certain individuals and sites seem to be no holds barred. F**ed Gaijin had a rep for that, but I didn’t really frequent it. I almost always avoid the BBS format. The trolling is even greater than with the people who screw with you, if you blog outside of social network microblogging (Facebook, etc.)

One thing is for sure, that someone must have had the goods on the people behind the site. You can be a slanderer in the shadows, I suppose. But when you set up a table and invite others to come in and attack people, it’s going to garner the attention of yet more others who you didn’t want looking. This is what I think happened. Maybe a reader knows more or better.

10 thoughts on “F-ed gaijin website does shut down after all.

  1. No god can shut down FG. That was the works of money, goats, and old hardware/software…

    FG is a damn good place to get genuine answers to just about anything… you just have to be able to take the shit that comes along with it. But other than that, FG helped a lot of people on Japan related stuff and also helped people vent.

    Sorry you didn’t participate or lurk on FG… you missed out on a lot of good info and fun.

    1. This is what I have been hearing. It’s a shame that, for such a popular site, the explanation wasn’t put out there for the reading public to see.

  2. You are as pathetic as those terrorist cells that claim to be behind every car accident happening on the planet… The main admin of FG is no longer on the J-craphole… Therefore the community moved to another place… Will you be smart enough to find it ?

    I doubt…

    Despite the fact that the new link has been posted on the main page…

  3. The Taro, emeence gris of the ‘Fucked’, here:
    Why did the FuckedGaijin close? It was just a matter money (and time). Nobody was willing to step up to the plate. Slander (libel) was of no concern.

  4. For someone who claims to have had no interest in the site, you sure seem to enjoy bringing it up on here often enough!

    1. To fill you in, it had just been mentioned once here. Then, after May 31st, the site was still up. Now, it’s down.

      The context was about BBS’s and slam blogs that suddenly change format. We didn’t know what the story was with FG, but now it has been made clearer.

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