Karen Klein bullied by some nasty kids on the bus. Incident goes viral; receives a fortune in donations.

This is a sad story with a happy ending.

If you don’t know by now, a 68-year-old grandmother who works as a bus monitor in far upstate New York (rural New York) was verbally harassed by a group of punk kids on a ride home. They actually took a photo shoot of this while they were doing it. Then, they posted the shoot to the internet.

A Samaritan decided to take up a collection to give Karen Klein a vacation from this kind of job abuse. He hoped to raise $5,000. The last I checked, the amount of donations was $629,000.

We all know that this kind of thing happens. The twist is that, nowadays, it may end up on the internet in a viral fashion. I am certain there is a catalogue of posting on YouTube similar to this one, or there will be, but what makes this incident stand out is that it seems its the first of its kind to so dramatically change the power dynamics of the group of the 13-year-old assholes-in-training, versus the 68-year-old overweight grandma who lost a son ten years ago.

Charles Blow says this is modern America. I think it’s been America for some time. What’s different now is what the ramifications of this sort of nasty behavior can lead to.

It’s wonderful that the general public is trying to make Ms. Klein whole, after this awful abuse. It really should be the boys’ families who are at the head of that parade, and the boys themselves.