Latest Obama ad about how Romney and Bain Capital ship our jobs to China.

I’m impressed that the Democrats have picked up on this sore spot. Other countries really don’t tolerate the wholesale shipping of pieces of their economies to other countries, but in corporate America, that’s just another day of the week. (The people doing the outsourcing of our jobs think it’s another work day of the week, but what have they really produced?)

You know, most countries (Japan included) frown upon firms that destroy domestic jobs. It’s expected that that sort of thing is only as a last resort, and only after all the key constituencies have been consulted. And even then, it’s controversial. France, in particular, is said to be a country that will respond with government action to the effect of: “Good luck in your new country” and divert contracts, etc., to companies that are loyal to the French.

America used to be such a smart country. But now, our corporate leadership so often seems to pick out the path that leads to a small handful of individuals getting really, really rich—and so many of us being sold out.

I know that the Obama candidacy put out a China ad like this in 2008. (I have to see if it’s still up.) This was about a Pennsylvania factory hiring back laid off workers to disassemble the factory equipment and ship it to China. The issue really resonates, and it’s good to see them keep it front-and-center, even if the Republicans in Congress will block any relief.


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