Obamacare: I was right about this one—“mandate” is a tax.

As I said back in March.

It’s good to hear that the U.S. Supreme Court is not so knee-jerk to the weird, Southern-based, contemporary Republican Party that it rules on every case as if the script were already written by Fox News.

[Update: To me, it’s the kind of crybaby, “let’s go live back in a fantasy 19th century” kind of country we’ve become. The dreaded “mandate” was actually a $95 surtax for people who did not have health insurance coverage. Not even on those below 133% of the poverty line—since they would be expected to have government-issued health care under the MedicAID program. Not Medicare–which is another kind of government-issued health insurance for people 65 and over.

How could a $95 tax be unconstitutional? Taxes are right in the Constitution. That’s why America’s second constitution—the 1787 one that we use today—created a strong central government with the power to tax.

Similarly to Japan’s health care regime, the surtax is a payment with weak enforcement against those who don’t pay without good reason. It is the user fee for the emergency room, where most of these “independent living” and pull-yourselves-up-by-the-bootstraps type of people end up, when it turns out they need health care.

Amazingly, Justice John Roberts ended up protecting us from the people who just like to mouth off about anything having to do with government and regulation.]