Pennsylvania budget being finalized. Temple U. set up to get $140 million—about same as last year. What a payday! #TUJapan

Allentown Morning Call (John Micek) had the story.

I had read earlier this year that Senator Corman, whose district includes the scandal-ridden Penn State University, didn’t want to see the Commonwealth-related schools cut any more than they had been in Governor Corbett’s first budget, last year. Of course, there was some concern around Penn State that the rest of the Commonwealth might conclude something like, “why are we paying for this sh*t” involving Jerry Sandusky. And, now, the Jerry Sandusky coverup. Sandusky’s antics were being done, in part, on the taxpayer dime. It would be no surprise if the inevitable lawsuits end up being settled out of public money as well.

You’ve got to remember, that, in some ways, this state is the northernmost banana republic of the Western Hemisphere. A place where local strongmen rule, and, in fact, are the law. Clearly, this is what was going on with Spanier, the late Joe Paterno, and the issue that Jim McQueary brought to them.

You’d never see a scandal like that happen, in this way, in any other state. A banana republic, as I keep saying.

My own little peeling has been trying to figure out exactly how much Pennsylvania—through Temple University—is spending in Japan. This is now since, what, October 2009? Every now and again, I get another clue.

It’s not the $1 million that is claimed in the Deloitte-audited annual financials. That’s what’s called a transfer price. It’s more. But how much?

Last month, Temple finally released the Form 990 (a different report) for the year ending June 30, 2011. So, for a year ago today. Here is the screenshot of the page where Temple reports foreign spending.

Well, it’s another $4 million—on top of $2 million something the year before, and $5 million the year before that.

The money being spent by Temple in Japan is huge. Why won’t the school be more candid about it? No, it’s not like a pedo scandal. But how low do standards have to sink in this place?