A Bloggingheads ep worth watching, with Loury and McWhorter

I hope you have been able to catch a BloggingHeads show at some time or another. This is Robert Wright’s project. I’d say, a long-running project since I used to catch these with him and Mickey Kaus back when I was in Japan (2007 ish).

Dr. Glenn Loury always cuts his own path. This was so in the 1980’s, when he was unwittingly or not being made into the token black for the conservative gang in the Reagan Administration. I sense he was also made to feel this way in liberal circles (knee-jerk 1960s liberal circles) at Harvard. I like him because he is in to plain speaking.

In this latest installment of his on Bloggingheads, he discusses the headaches that political correctness gave him along the years. John McWhorter plays the straight man to all of this, but he’s also smelled the smell of being taken for black person more than just person. God, that’s got to get annoying.

Loury wants to bring a more international perspective to America’s race issues. It’s about time. When the conversation is stuck in the two major impulses of reform and reaction from the 1950’s and ’60’s, no progress can be made. Free ideas and a more updated “feel” to what race issues are in so-called post-racial America (yeah, right) are things that will move the country forward. Good that he’s bringing creativity to expressing the frustration of progressive people. McWhorter had some great contributions to throw in there at the end as well.